A-Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Danielle R. (age 8)

Do you like mysteries? Well, Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose do. Theyre trying to find out who put Happy Heart dog food boxes on an island. But its not really dog food in the dog food boxes. Youll have to read the book to fund out whats really in the dog food boxes and try to solve the case of The Invisible Island.

This book is like other books by Ron Roy because he never changes the characters in the series and always puts a lot of clues in to solve the mystery. As I read the book I was wondering who put Happy Heart dog food boxes on an island and who put fake poison ivy on the safe? It made me want to read on to find out. I found Mr. Pinkowski interesting because he seemed like the crook but really wasnt. The clues were he had big feet and the foot prints Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose found were big. He also bought ivy cream and there was poison ivy on the island.

I think this book would be enjoyed by 2nd 5th graders because this author makes you wonder a lot about the book. Also, the ending was unpredictable and you wont want to stop reading!

Danielle R. is a student in Mrs. Farrell's 3rd Grade Class
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