Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism

Written by Georgia Byng

Reviewed by Emma D. (age 10)

Molly Moon is a ten-year-old girl living in Hardwick House Orphanage with bossy kids and evil Miss Adderstone. Molly’s excitement starts when she finds an old book about hypnotism in the restricted part of the library. An evil man named Professor Nockman starts chasing her because he is determined to get that book. Other trouble begins when Professor Nockman threatens to kill her beloved pug dog Petula if she does not rob the most powerful bank in the world by hypnotizing the people! Will Molly be able to save Petula and rob the bank without being caught?!

My favorite part of the book was when I saw the words on the page "If you don’t rob this bank I will kill your dog." That was my favorite part because I never knew that Professor Nockman would be so harsh. I also liked it because that sentence really made me want to read more because I did not know if Molly would actually rob the bank and save her dog. I liked the character Molly Moon because I thought she was smart and brave because, not most ten year olds would travel to New York City, and they also would not risk the chance of using hypnotism to win $1,000,000 at a talent show contest. I also did not like her so much when she used her hypnotism powers to win $1,000,000 at the talent show. I thought that was selfish and greedy because she could have just believed in herself and said, "I can do it." ( Without using hypnotism. ) I thought that she could have tried on her own or let someone else win. One character that changed was Professor Nockman. He used to be an evil and greedy man. When Molly got her hypnotizing powers, she hypnotized Professor Nockman and made him a helpful and kind person. For example, when Professor Nockman arrived at the hotel Molly was staying at in New York City, he was nasty and mean. But then Molly hypnotized Professor Nockman, he became helpful, caring and sweet. I would like Professor Nockman as a friend because at the end he is so generous and helpful. He does anything you want him to do. He says, “Yes m'am.” ( But with an Italian accent.) I would love that because I would feel like a princess every day!

I recommend this book to anybody who loves books filled with suspense, action, some comedy, and shocking horror. Boys and girls around the age of 9 to 12 should read this great novel! Then they will understand and enjoy this book!

Emma D. is a student in Mrs. Weitzman's 4th Grade Class