Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Sneaker Sneak

Written by James Preller
Illustrated by Jamie Smith

Reviewed by Kate B. (age 9)

Have you ever lost your best pair of sneakers? Well, Bigs Maloney has in The Case of the Sneaker Sneak. Can Jigsaw and Mila find Bigs' sneakers in time for the girls against boys football game? Who will win the game? You will have to read the book to find out who stole them and why!

My favorite part was when all of the kids jumped into the dumpster! This made me laugh because who would jump into the stinky smelly dumpster? This book was a lot like the other books in the Jigsaw Jones series that I read. The Case of The Ghostwriter was a lot like the Sneaker Sneak because Mila and Jigsaw are trying to solve a mystery and both books have many clues and suspects. This book was funny and really made me think. The clues were very tricky and it wasn't easy to figure out who stole the sneakers.

I recommend this book to kids in grades 2nd 6th. If you really like hard and funny mysteries then this book is for you!

Kate B. is a student in Mrs. Mangini's 3rd Grade Class