Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Sneaker Sneak

Written by James Preller
Illustrated by Jamie Smith

Reviewed by Carolina K. (age 8)

Why would someone steal shoes? Well that's what happens in The Case of the Sneaker Sneak. The girls take on the boys in the biggest football game ever. Bigs Maloney, one of the strongest boys in Ms. Gleason's class, looses his only football sneakers so he won't be able to play his favorite hobby until he finds them. Will he find them in time for the game? You'll have to read to find out.

I liked this book because I liked how the characters acted to try to make Jigsaw and Mila cross them off their list of suspects. I also liked the book because the detectives were almost off track and they suddenly got back on track. My favorite part of the book was when Mila told Jigsaw and his football team that she was going to be the coach and that Lydia the Brown Street Bruiser was going in her place on the girl's team. I liked it because the boys panicked because Lydia is super strong and even stronger than Bigs Maloney. I thought it was kind of funny of Bigs, Bobby, Ralphie, and Jigsaw to be afraid of a girl. This book is part of the Jigsaw Jones series, and it's similar to the other books because there's always a mystery and Jigsaw and Mila are always the detectives.

I would recommend this to kids in 1st through 3rd grade who like mysteries by James Preller. I like this book because it had a funny ending and a weird and entertaining beginning.

Carolina K. is a student in Mrs. Mangini's 3rd Grade Class