Third- Grade Detectives #8 - The Secret of the Wooden Witness

Written by George E. Stanley
Illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca

Reviewed by Steven V. (age 9)

Pops Verner was knocked out one night when he was patrolling the store he worked in. When he awoke, he found his gold pocket watch missing, and the thief left a little wooden statue of him in place of the pocket watch. Luckily, Pops's friends, Noelle and Todd, are part of The Third Grade Detectives and are helping him solve the mystery. Will they get his pocket watch back or will Pops be late forever? You'll just have to read the book to find out!

My favorite part of the book is when they cut open the statue and found out where the wood was from. I like this part because it is a main part in helping them solve the mystery. I thought it was a clever clue. This book is like other books in this series because it starts by introducing Todd and Noelle and then the mystery. This book is unique because all the clues were given to the detectives by the same person, but that person didn't just tell the clues to the detectives. He put them in a secret code that they had to figure out.

This book is good but sometimes hard to figure out. I would recommend this book to 2nd - 4th graders because it is challenging to figure out who did it. You always have to stay on your toes for the next clue.

Steven V. is a student in Mrs. Mangini's 3rd Grade Class