Camp Readalot (2002-2003)

Buhler Grade School - Buhler, KS, USA

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Our Reviews:

Alligator Baby
Arthur's First Kiss
Arthur's Underwear
Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus
Biscuit's New Trick
Blaze and the Indian Cave
Dinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale
Dolores and the Big Fire: A True Story
Fox Be Nimble
If You Gave a Pig a Pancake
If You Take a Mouse To School
Makeup Mess
Postcards from Pluto
Power and Glory (#1) (#2) (#3)
Purple, Green, and Yellow (#1) (#2)
Raft of Riddles

Us - The Reviewers

Ayla C.

Becky M.

Brianna R.

Brittanie O.

Christopher C.

Corey E.

Dalton Q.

Ethan H.

Jessica D.

Jessica S.

Jon O.

Kaycee C.

Kayla S.

Kylee J

Lane B.

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