Group 1 (2002-2003)

Union Chapel - Newark, NJ, USA

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Our Reviews:

The Christmas Mouse
Christmas Santa Almost Missed
Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party
The Day in The life of a Carpenter
Elmo Love You
Fire Drill
Fireflies For Nathan
Five Little Dinosaurs
Jeff Rides a Spaceship
Let's go Marching
One Dark and Scary Night
The Polite Elephant
A Story of a Christmas Mouse
Tale of The Christmas Mouse
Tales of the Christmas mouse
We are Singing
Who is Ready? (#1) (#2)

Us - The Reviewers

Aliyyah B.
Amir W.

Anayah M.

Anthony J.
Anthony W. Brittany W.
Chantel P.
Darwoo W.
Daune D. Dionyah W. Elizabeth T.
Jalyssa H.
Jameel W.
James F.

Justin B.
Kelvin B.
Levon M. Makeda W. Miles S. Najee G.
Onyx C. Quadirr M. Steven T. Tajia L.
Taquil I. Thomas T.