Mrs. Violino's 3rd Grade Class (2015-2016)

Hutchinson School - Pelham, NY, USA

Our Reviews:

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (#1) (#2)
Franny K. The Invisible Fran
Franny K. Stein Lunch Walks Amoung Us
Horrible Harry and The Wedding Spies
Jedi Academy
Judy and Stink, The Holly Joliday
The Magic Finger
Mean Jean the Recess Queen
Melvin Beederman
September Sneakers (#1) (#2)
The Worst Best Friend

Us - The Reviewers

Chloe Z.

Chris R.

Delia L.

Eleanor M.

Gabriel A.
Graham B.
Jibril H.

Lena E.

Leo G.

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Mackenzie W.

Nino M.

Nora M.

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