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Authors Title
Martin, Ann M. The Baby Sitters Club Kristy and the Baby Parade
Martin, Ann M. The Baby-Sitter's Club: Stacey's Choice
Martin, Ann M. The Babysitters Club #59 Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym)
Martin, Ann M. The Babysitter's Club: Kristy 's Mystery Admirer
Martin, Ann M. A Dog's Life
Martin, Ann M. Karen's Haircut
Martin, Ann M. Karen's in Love
Martin, Ann M. Karen's New Teacher
Martin, Ann M. Karen's Tea Party
Martin, Ann M. Kristy's Great Idea
Martin, Ann M. Mary-Anne + 2 Many Babies
Martin, Ann M. The Meanest Doll
Martin, Ann M. The Meanest Doll in the World
Martin, Ann M. The Runaway Dolls
Martin, Ann M. Stacey's Ex-Best Friend
Martin, Bill Barn Dance
Martin, Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Martin, Bill Chicka Chicka 123
Martin, Bill Chicka Chicka ABC
Martin, Bill Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Martin, Bill Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom
Martin, Bruce The Apple Tree
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs Snowflake Bentley
Martin, John The Day in The life of a Carpenter
Martin, Rafe The Rough-Face Girl
Martin, Rafe The Shark God
Martin Larranaga, Ana The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog
Martin, Jr., Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Martin, Jr., Bill The Happy Hippopotami
Martin, Jr., Bill Here Are My Hands
Martinez, Micheal Martina the beautiful cockroach
Marx, Mandy Choppers
Marzolla, Jean Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King
Marzolla, Jean Roses Are Pink and You Stink
Marzolla, Jean Soccer Sam
Marzollo, Jean Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon
Marzollo, Jean Basketball Buddies
Marzollo, Jean I Spy Fantasy: A Book of Riddles
Marzollo, Jean I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles
Marzollo, Jean Shanna's Princess Show
Marzollo, Jean Sun Song
Marzollo, Jean Thanksgiving Cats
Mason, Jane Now You See Me
Mason, Jane B. A Bug's Life- Flik to the Rescue
Mason, Jane B. The Princess School
Mass, Wendy 11 Birthdays
Mass, Wendy The Candymakers
Mass, Wendy Finally
Mass, Wendy A Mango Shaped Space
Massie, Diane Redfield The Baby BeeBee Bird
Massie, Elizabeth Hushtown
Masurel, Claire That Bad, Bad Cat
Matas, Carol In My Enemy's House
Mattern, Joanne Young Martin Luther King, Jr., "I Have a Dream"
Matthews, Liz Teeny Witch and the Perfect Valentine
Maxfield, Duncan Where The Sharks Are
Mayer, Marianna Turandot
Mayer, Mercer All By Myself
Mayer, Mercer I Just Forgot
Mayer, Mercer I Was So Mad
Mayer, Mercer I'm Sorry
Mayer, Mercer Just For You
Mayer, Mercer Just Go To Bed
Mayer, Mercer Just Going to the Dentist
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Cousin
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Dad
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Friend
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Little Sister
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Puppy
Mayer, Mercer Just a Mess
Mayer, Mercer Just My Friend And Me
Mayer, Mercer Little Critter at Scout Camp
Mayer, Mercer Me Too!
Mayer, Mercer A Monster Followed Me to School
Mayer, Mercer My Teacher Is A Vampire
Mayer, Mercer There's an Alligator Under My Bed
Mayer, Mercer There's A Nightmare In My Closet
Mayer, Mercer There's a Nightmare in My Closet
Mayer, Mercer What a Bad Dream
Maynard, Christopher Extreme Machines
Maynard, Christopher Mighty Machines: Airplanes
Mayor, Helena Bedtime Stories
Mazer, Anne The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
Mazer, Anne Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, Look Before You Leap
Mazer, Anne The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
Mazer, Anne The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Good Things Come in Small Packages
Mazer, Anne The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Reach for the Stars
Mazer, Anne The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: The Best is Yet to Come
Mazer, Anne Magic Tree House: Night of the Ninja
Mazer, Anne The More the Merrier
Mazer, Anne The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Mazer, Anne Reach for the Stars
Mazer, Anne Sister Magic - The Trouble with Violet
Mazer, Anne Sister Magic: Violet Makes a Splash
Mazer, Harry A Boy at War
Mazer, Harry Heroes Don't Run
Mazer, Harry The Wild Kid
Mc Court, Lisa Merry Christmas Stinky Face
Mc Mullen, Kate Fluffy and the Firefighters
Mc Mullen, Kate Fluffy Meets the Dinosaurs

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