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Authors Title
Danziger, Paula P.S. Longer Letter Later
Danziger, Paula What a Trip, Amber Brown
Danziger, Paula You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown
Dario, Ken Despicable Me 2 Meet the Minions
Dashner, James Infinity Ring A Mutiny In Time
Dashner, James The Maze Runner
Davenport, Andrew Teletubbies : The Noo-noo Tiddies Up
David, Lawrence Beetle Boy
David, Lawrence The Good Little Girl
David, Lawrence Remember Me to Harold square
David, Peter Spiderman The Movie
David, Peter Star Trek: The Next Generation - Starfleet Academy, Worf's First Adventure
Davidson, Avelyn The Bun
Davidson, Donica Escape from the Overworld
Davidson, Margaret Helen Keller's Teacher
Davies, Jacqueline The Lemonade Crime
Davies, Jacqueline The Lemonade War
Davies, Nicola Birds
Davis, Gibbs Major League Melissa
Davis, Jim Garfield and the Teacher Creature
Davis, Jim Garfield's Big Book of Excellent Excuses
Davis, Lee Dinosaur Dinners
Davis, Lee Dinosour Dinners
Davis, Terry Guys Write For Guys Read
Davis Callaghan, Jean No Snow For Seth
Davis Pinkney, Andrea Benjamin Banneker
Day, Alexandra Frank and Ernest
Day George, Jessica Tuesday's at the Castle
Daywalt, Drew The Day the Crayons Quit
de Angeli, Marguerite The Door in the Wall
de Beer, Hans Little Polar Bear
de Beer, Hans The Little Polar Bear and the Brave Hare
de Beer, Hans Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home!
De Capua, Sarah Niagara Falls
de la Bedoyere, Camilla Scary Sharks
de la Cruz, Melissa Return to the Isle of the Lost
de Paola, Tomie Andy
de Paola, Tomie Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile
de Paola, Tomie Country Angel Christmas
de Paola, Tomie Here We All Are
de Paola, Tomie The Hole in the Dike
De Rolf, Shane The Crayon Box That Talked
Dealey, Erin Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox
DeClements, Barthe Liar Liar
DeClements, Barthe Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade
Deedy, Carmen Agra The Library Dragon
Deem, James The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose
DeFelice, Cynthia Devil's Bridge
DeFelice, Cynthia The Ghost of Fossil Glen
DeFoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe
deGroat, Diane Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink
deGroat, Diane Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet
del Prado, Dana Terror Below!
Delany, Joseph The Last Apprentice
Delton, Judy Back Yard Angel
Delton, Judy Book Worm Buddies
Delton, Judy My Mom Made Me Go to School
Delton, Judy Pee Wee Scouts Camp Ghost Away
Delton, Judy Pee Wee Scouts: Eggs with Legs
Delton, Judy Pee Wees On Skis
Delton, Julie Angel in Charge
Delton, Julie Pee Wee Scouts: Sky Babies
Delton, Julie Pee Wee Scouts: Spring Sprouts
DeLuise, Dom Charlie the Caterpillar
DeMatteis, Drue The Undersea Adventures of Digby Dolphin
DeMauro, Lisa The Wild Fire
Dembick, Matt Trickster
Demi, The Emperor's New Clothes
Demi, The Greatest Treasure
Demuth, Patricia Way Down Deep
Denenberg, Barry Early Sunday Morning
Denenberg, Barry The Journal of Ben Uchida
Denenberg, Barry When Will this Cruel War Be Over?
Denim, Sue The Dumb Bunnies' Easter
Dennis Wyeth, Sharon Something Beautiful
Denton, Terry The School for Laughter
Denton, Terry Wombat and Fox
dePaola, Tomie The Art Lesson
dePaola, Tomie The Baby Sister
dePaola, Tomie Big Anthony and the Magic Ring
dePaola, Tomie The Clown of God
dePaola, Tomie Fin M'Coul - The Giant of Knockmany Hill
dePaola, Tomie Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato
dePaola, Tomie The Knight and the Dragon
dePaola, Tomie The Legend of the Blue Bonnet
dePaola, Tomie Marianna May and Nursey
dePaola, Tomie Merry Christmas Strega Nona
dePaola, Tomie Oliver Button is a Sissy
dePaola, Tomie The Quilt Story
dePaola, Tomie Strega Nona
dePaola, Tomie Strega Nona's Magic Lessons
dePaola, Tomie Tom
dePaola, Tomie Tony's Bread
dePaola, Tomie What a Year
Deprisco, Dorthea Natural Disasters
Deutsch, Stacia Blast To The Past: Washington's War
Deverell, Christine Puss in Boots
DeVillers, Julia Liberty Porter first daughter
DeVillers, Julia Times Squared

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