1 Each Little Bird That Sings

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Each Little Bird That Sings

Written by Deborah Wiles

Reviewed by Eve M. (age 10)

Each Little Bird That Sings

Each Little Bird that sings by Deborah Wiles describes a young girls life struggles. Comfort Snowberger lives with her Mom, Dad, her big brother Tidings, her dog Dismay, her great uncle Edisto, and her great great Aunt Florentine.They all own a funeral home. One day Comfort and her dog, Dismay come outside to see great uncle Edisto dead. For his funeral Comforts pesky cousin, Peach and his Mom, Aunt Goldie, come to stay with the Snowbergers. Peach, eight years old, hates funerals so he cries and cries! Peach and Aunt Goldie decide to stay for another week and great great Aunt Florentine dies! Comfort tells her best friend Declaration to come to the funeral but Declaration won’t come. Declaration and Comfort get to be enemy's! After great great aunt Florentines funeral Peach falls into a creek because Declaration scared him. She walked away leaving only Comfort and Dismay to save him. Comfort jumps in with Dismay not far behind. Peach and Dismay were both drowning. Who will Comfort choose to save? Her decision will change her life forever.

When I was reading Each Little Bird that Sings by Deborah Wiles I could not put the book down! There was non-stop action and adventures. Comfort Snowberger has to deal with life struggles while dealing with her pesky cousin Peach. I loved this book. It is amazing how Comfort deals with everything! Next time I am struggling I will ask myself, what would Comfort do?

I would definitely recommend the book Each Little Bird that Sings to anybody who likes sad and adventurous books. There are lot of deaths in this book. All of which were very hard for the main character, Comfort, to settle into. There is an adventure when Comforts cousin Peach, who she does no like, or her dog Dismay. Comfort goes through a lot of struggles. To see how she settles into everything...find out when you read.