1 Avocado Baby

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Avocado Baby

Written by John Burningham

Illustrated by John Burningham

Reviewed by Aaron S. (age 6) & William L. (age 7)

Avocado Baby

There was a family that wasn't very strong and the mom was having a baby. They were expecting it to be stronger, but the baby wasn't very strong. The children decided to give him avocado pear. Every day the baby would eat avocado pear. He got stronger and stronger and stronger. It's like the avocado pear gives him powers. One time at night, a burglar came. The baby woke up and picked up a broom and scared him away. Then the family put up a sign that said, "Beware of the Baby!" The baby was the strongest in the family.

We like the book. It's funny because the baby is stronger than his mom and dad. It's unusual that the baby is stronger than his mom and dad. Our favorite part is when the baby scared the burglar away. It's our favorite part because in the illustration, the baby takes a broom and scares him away. Our favorite character is the baby because he's very strong.

We recommend this book to toddlers to third graders. We also recommend it to people that have babies in their family because it's a book about a baby that is stronger than his family. He helps his family do stuff. We think people will think this book is unusual and very funny.