1 Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty

Written by Walt Disney

Illustrated by Disney

Reviewed by Reina (age 8)

Sleeping Beauty

This story is about a princess that was born and fairies gave her magical gifts. One bad fairy casted a spell on the princess. When the princess grew older she pricked her finger on a needle. The princess fell asleep for many years and no one could break the spell. Finally a prince came to the castle and kissed the princess.The spell broke and they fell in love.

My favorite part was when the princess woke up. This is my favorite part because the princess woke up because of the kiss the prince gave her. This is also my favorite part because they fall in love.

I recommend this story to anyone that likes fairy tales.This story is make-believe, but tells about true love. This story is also for people that are in love or like to read about love.