1 Snowball (The Puppy Place)

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Snowball (The Puppy Place)

Written by Ellen Miles

Reviewed by Magan T.C. (age 9)

Snowball (The Puppy Place)

This book is about a boy named Charles who wants a dog so much. He also does not have a dog of his own. It is also about his grand buddy. Charles's grand buddy has to leave her dog at home because the place she is staying at doesn’t allow animals.

My life is kind of like Charles' because I want a dog, too, but I cannot have one because I live in a big apartment in a small house. My favorite part was when they gave the dog to Miss Peabody because they sneaked it in even though dogs weren't allowed and everyone liked the dog so much that the owners finally said it was okay.

I recommend this book to someone who wants a dog so badly but can't have one. You could do what Charles does, even if you have a dog, and you could take care of abandoned dogs. This is a book about a puppy place where every puppy finds a home. This book is similar to the abandoned dog book I was going to read. This is a good book for ages 6 and up.