1 Pee Wee Scouts: Spring Sprouts

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Pee Wee Scouts: Spring Sprouts

Written by Julie Delton

Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Caston C. (age 9)

Pee Wee Scouts: Spring Sprouts

One day in Molly Duff’s teacher’s backyard. Molly and her class went to a picnic table. She got out a bag full of seeds. She shook one. Roger asked what they are. Mrs. P said they are seeds. Mrs. P. went over to a place where she could dig and bury it. Then she watered it. She let it grow. When the Scouts came back is was stating to sprout. Then it grew into a potato bush.

My favorite character was Molly because she was smart. This story reminds me of when I planted seeds to make a sunflower. My favorite part was when Molly’s teacher showed her the baby because I wanted to see him. This book reminds me of a book called Pocahontas because she loves nature and growing plants.

I would recommend this book because it is interesting. Somebody would like this if the would like to dig and plant. It might be interesting to the reader because they might like to plant flowers and other things.