1 Armadillo Ray

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Armadillo Ray

Written by John Beifuss

Illustrated by Peggy Turley

Reviewed by Noah A. (age 7)

Armadillo Ray

This book is about an armadillo that lives in the desert. Every night he goes out to see different animals and to look at the harvest moon. He sees so many things! The armadillo tries to find out what the moon is. If you want to see if the armadillo finds out what the moon is, then you have to read it!

I liked this book because it is colorful and it has lots of shapes and animals. It also helped me learn more about the moon. I also like the book because it taught me that you can help your friends with something.

I highly recommend this magnificent book to kids that like lots of colors, animals, and the moon. I think kids that can read should read this book because they can learn lots of facts about the moon. You can also learn about animals that live in the desert!