1 How Do They Do That?

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How Do They Do That?

Written by Anne Miranda

Illustrated by Fin Egan

Reviewed by student in Mrs. Inman's 4th Grade Class

How Do They Do That?

How Do They Do That is about making cartoon animations. Its goes through a lot of levels. They go through computer animations and clay animation. It is done the old fashion way. The "Old fashioned way is how they did it back then." Before animators can start drawing they need a story. After they get their story they start making the movie. It takes 24 years to make the entire movie.

My opinion is that I think it needs to be more surprising because it wasn't that surprising. Also they need to put in characters. The book was just left and right. It did not make sense to me at all. The topics were all over the place.

I think that the book should be rewritten because the book was not very well written. I didn't understand one thing that they said. The vocabulary was very hard for me to read. I did not understand some the words. The book is written for a much older audience. I think high school students would enjoy this book.