1 The Stony Creek Bandit

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The Stony Creek Bandit

Written by Susan Blackabay

Illustrated by Kunhu Lee

Reviewed by student in Mrs. Inman's 4th Grade Class

The Stony Creek Bandit

This book is about three girl scouts named KiKi, Lee, and Judy. The setting takes place in a forest. They are trying to figure out who is stealing their food. Then they try to set up a trap, but they fall asleep. When everybody hears a loud noise they get up and see a raccoon. Then they see the other raccoons, they figure out who stole the food.

This book is funny because the raccoon kept stealing their food and they didn't know the raccoons kept stealing the food. I connected with this book because it is an easy reader. My favorite character is Judy because she is very smart and she is good at coming up with ideas. The pictures give me clues of what would happen next.

I like this book because of their writing and the characters. I like the characters because they're smart and clever. The writing has me captivated and listening carefully.

I recommend this book to read for all levels of readers because it is an easy book to read. I think even first graders could read this book. I enjoyed reading this book and already shared it with some of my friends.