1 Space Jam

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Space Jam

Written by Kimberly Weinberger

Reviewed by Jolyon H. (age 7)

Space Jam

Mr. Swackhammer was trying to find Looneytunes. So, he sent his little aliens called the Nerdlucks to find the Looney Tunes. Pound is the leader so he took the Nerdlucks to Looneytune land. When they came out of the ship, they opened the door and put down the bridge so they could walk to the floor. Nerdlucks walked to the floor and asked Bugs where to find the looney tunes, but Bugs said he didn't know where to find them.

The Nerdlucks took Bugs to see Mr. Swackhammer. Mr. Swackhammer got angry because he needed all the Looney Tunes to be new workers. After Bugs told the Nerdlucks to give them a chance to save themselves, Bugs went to join the other Looney Tunes. The Looney Tunes came up with a great idea to invite the Nerdlucks to a basketball game.

The Nerdlucks didn't know anything about basketball so they went to a game and they saw the best players in the world playing basketball. Pound, the leader of the Nerdlucks, turned into goo, and he wanted to take the basketball player's talent so that the Nerdlucks can beat the Looney Tunes in the basketball challenge. After the they took the basketball player's talent, there was something wrong. He didn't have any talent! So he had to sit out of the game.

The Nerdlucks started to exercise so they could hold a basketball and play the game. The Nerdlucks also took more talent from the basket ball players and started to get stronger and bigger. Now they were Monstars. The Looney Tunes were scared! Bugs Bunny told the other Looney Tunes that they needed some help. They saw that Michael Jordan still had his talent. Meanwhile, Michael Jordan was playing golf. Bugs Bunny pulled Michael into Looney Tunes land and told him that they needed his help. But Michael said that he's not a basketball player anymore, he plays baseball. The Monstars squashed Michael into a basketball and that made him very angry. He said, "Let's play basketball!"

The big game started and the Looney Tunes were losing. Michael's friend Stan hid in the Monstars locker room and found out their secret that they stole talent from NBA players. The Looney Tunes wanted to give up but Bugs gave them secret stuff and it made them stronger. But it was only water. It worked because they believed in themselves.

The Looney Tunes started winning. Mr. Swackhammer gave them a challenge. He said if the Looney Tunes won they could stay in their land but if the Monstars won Michael and the Looney Tunes had to work for him. There was only 10 more seconds left to the game and Michael used cartoon power and threw the ball in the hoop and won the game.

Mr. Swackhammer didn't care that they won. He ordered they come to the spaceship. But the Monstars said that they made a deal and they put Mr. Swackhammer on the spaceship. The Monstars stayed behind with the Looney Tunes.

Michael took back the talent the Monstars had taken from the other basketball players. The Monstars became tiny again and were Nerdlucks. Michael returned the talent to the players. Then he returned to playing basketball.

I think the book was good and I liked it. I liked it because Michael won the game with the Looney Tunes. I liked the part where Michael's friend Stan was searching for him in the golf hole. I thought it was funny when the Monstars put Mr. Swackhammer on the spaceship and they stayed behind with the Looney Tunes.

I would recommend this book to my brother and my friends because it's funny. They would laugh. The would like the parts when the basketball game starts and when Michael and the Looney Tunes win the game. They would think the pictures are cool.