1 Saturn

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Written by Seymour Simon

Illustrated by NASA, Kyle Cudworth

Reviewed by Austin R. (age 8)


This book is about Saturn. It tells things like how far Saturn is from the sun (six planets away), and what Saturn is made of (gases and ice). It also says that most people think Saturn is the only planet with rings. This is not true. Uranus and Neptune also have rings.

I liked this book because it made me smart. It told me a lot about Saturn that I didn't know. The pictures made the book fun because you got to see different views of Saturn. I thought it was cool the way that it showed how a scientist could use a weak telescope to see Saturn.

I do not recommend this book because it was not that fun to read. The story didn't move fast enough. Also, I think the story needed more characters, like more scientists. Not all the pictures were good. Some of them were better than others.