1 Curious George Makes Pancakes

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Curious George Makes Pancakes

Written by H.A. Rey

Illustrated by Vipah Interactive in the style of H.A. Rey

Reviewed by Kevin C. (age 8)

Curious George Makes Pancakes

The man in the yellow hat told George that there was a pancake breakfast to make money for the children's hospital. Everyone was eating pancakes. George wanted to make pancakes. The people really liked George's pancakes. The chef didn't know George was making pancakes so he went to get an assistant to help him. When the chef came back he chased George away because monkeys aren't allowed to make pancakes. George hid in the stuffed animals by the ring toss game. Find out what other things George will get into trouble with when you read this Curious George book.

My favorite part of this story was when Curious George makes pancakes. It reminds me of when my sister makes pancakes. They both make blueberry pancakes. I thought this was a good book because I like Curious George books. I like George because he is curious and he always gets into trouble even though he doesn't mean too. Every Curious George book has a happy ending.

I would tell everyone to read this book because the author writes good stories. The books are funny and the pictures are funny too. Curious George books have a happy ending and make you feel good.