1 Scaredy Squirrel

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Scaredy Squirrel

Written by Melanie Watt

Illustrated by Melanie Watt

Reviewed by Kiriana F (age 7)

Scaredy Squirrel

This book is about a squirrel who is scared of almost everything: Poision Ivy, Sharks, Killer Bees, and more things. That is really silly, because squirrels aren't ever going to be next to a shark! Scaredy Squirrel is trying to be ready for an emergency. There are fun things inside the book like a schedule, and emergency kit, and a map.

I think the lesson is that you should be brave instead of scared, because if you are brave then you will be able to do cool things. If you are always scared then you won't ever do anything.

My favorite character is the Scaredy Squirrel. He is so funny because he is so worried about everything, and sometimes he worries about things that don't make any sense. He really needs to go to school and learn!

My favorite part is when he thinks he can fly. This part is funny because he is doing so well and relaxing finally but he gets scared and then he ends up in a berry bush!

This book makes me think about my friend who is afraid to go on rides. She won't go because they are too fast or scary. But when I go on them they aren't scary at all. So she gets left out when we go to Disneyland.

I think that all kids in school should read this book, because they will really like the silly squirrel and they might learn not to be scared of things anymore. I think that kids will like the pictures and the special parts of the book (the map, the schedule, and the things he is scared of) the best. This book is different than lots of other books I have read, and that's my favorite thing about it.