1 Vampire Breath

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Vampire Breath

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Gavin R. (age 10)

Vampire Breath

Have you been in your basement lately? You might want to go and check who or what might be hiding down there? In this book two kids named Cara and Freddy investigate Freddy's basement. It was dark so flashlights helped them to see. They found an old bottle labeled "Vampire Breath". Being curious kids, they opened up the bottle and green smoke poured out of it. They accidentally knocked over the china cabinet and behind it was a secret doorway. Oh No! There was a vampire in a coffin and he was thirsty! The green smoke took them to the Old Vampire's castle. All the vampire wants to do is to get his hands on the Vampire Breath bottle. Cara and Freddy wanted to find it first and keep it from him.

This is a book that was fun for me to read because I like adventurous and spooky books. I was wondering until the very end if they were going to be stuck in "castle time" or get back to present time. My favorite character is Count Nightwing who is the vampire looking for the Vampire Breath bottle. I kind of feel sorry for him because he tries so hard to get the bottle. I know what it feels like sometimes to want something so desperately and you just can't get your hands on it. It's interesting that a book can be scary and funny at the same time. My favorite funny part is when Cara and Freddy have the bottle and Count Nightwing is between them and is ordering Freddy to give it to him. Freddy is frozen with fear and Cara yells out, "Monkey in the Middle!" It was funny to read about them playing keep away with the Vampire Breath Bottle.

I also liked this book because it has two characters, a girl (Cara) and a boy (Freddy) as best friends. Sometimes authors write stories about girls with girlfriends or boys with boyfriends. My best friend is a girl, so I like that this story shows that girls and boys can be good friends.

I would recommend this book to boys and girls who like to read scary stories. The stories are scary but also so silly that kids don't have to worry about them being real. This book is one book in a series of Goosebump adventures. One book kind of leads into another adventure, but you don't have to read the books in order for the story to make sense. I like the other Goosebump books as well. Calling All Creeps is the next adventure in this series, and I'm looking forward to reading it.