1 She Sells Seashells

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She Sells Seashells

Written by Grace Kim

Illustrated by Patti Hammel

Reviewed by Rose P. (age 9)

She Sells Seashells

There are funny tongue twisters in this story. Read the story and try to say the tongue twisters. It is about a girl who sells seashells and a boy who sings. Peter Piper and Silly Sally go for a walk. They see some strange sights, five fat frogs flying fast and six sick sheep and more.

I like this book because it is fun to read. Betty gets a cat and the cat is cute. I think that this book is fun to read because it has some tongue twisters. My favorite part was when Silly Sally was finding a place for a picnic because she had all the picnic stuff and Peter Piper was there. Silly Sally, Peter Piper, and Betty are my favorite characters.

I think other children will like this book because there are tongue twisters in this story. I think people all over the world who like funny stories will like this book.