1 Rugrats Vacation

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Rugrats Vacation

Written by Molly Wigand

Illustrated by Barry Goldberg

Reviewed by Guillermo (age 7)

This book is about the Rugrats going on vacation to Slots Vegas. They saw tigers in a cage. The tigers were going to be in a show. The babies wanted to save the tigers. They tried to open the cage. When the babies? mommas looked at the babies, they were so scared that one of the mommas swung to save her baby. Grandpa spilled his nickels and two trainers fell down and knocked over some milk. The tigers tasted the milk. It made them purr and they didn?t hurt the babies.

This book was good because I like tigers. I liked when the trainers spilled the milk; that was funny. I also liked the part where the Rugrats were at a feast. It was fun.

This would be good for people who like tigers. Babies might like this story because they recognize themselves. People who want to go to Las Vegas might like this book.