1 Have You Got My Purr?

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Have You Got My Purr?

Written by Judy West

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Reviewed by StormyP&LindsayS (age 7)

Have You Got My Purr?

Our book is "Have You Got My Purr". The little kitten thinks she has lost her purr. Kitten asks her mother if she had her purr. Her mom says no so Kitten asks the dog and the dog says "I have a woof." Kitten asks the cow, and the cow has a moo. So Kitten asks the pig and the pig says he has an oink. Kitten asks everyone she can find but no one has her purr. So the tired kitten stumbles home and her mother tells her that her purr is inside her and she only will get it when she is happy. Then suddenly Kitten has her purr and everyone listens and does not make noise to hear the purr.

We liked this story a lot because it was a cute book about a little kitten. We also like stories about cats. We picked this book because we love dogs and cats and are interested in them too. We also like owls, cows, sheep, pigs and ducks. So we picked this book to see what happened in the story.

We recommend it to kindergartners because its funny and good to read. We also recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and reading about them.