1 Arthur's New Puppy

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Arthur's New Puppy

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Valerie C. (age 8)

Arthur's New Puppy

In this story book Arthur got a new puppy. Pal is his name and he is scared of the leash. Arthur has an idea. He is going to train Pal and they will put on a show for his family. Pal reminds me of my dog because she digs a lot.

I didn?t know my dog, Sophie, when she was a puppy. I?m glad she doesn?t tear things up like Pal tears a chair! Sophie really likes to go walking. We go around the block and to the park. D.W. gives Arthur a huge stack of newspapers for Pal. ?Look at your pants,? she says, ?You have excitement all over them.? We have a guinea pig in our classroom. When he gets wriggly on our laps we put him back in his cage.

I recommend this book to people who read second grade books. If you like dogs you should read Arthur?s New Puppy.