1 The Lion and the Mouse

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The Lion and the Mouse

Written by Dr. Suess

Illustrated by Lisa McCue

Reviewed by MathewD&NickyC (age 6)

The Lion and the Mouse

The lion cubs played happily in the sunshine while their parents slept. Only one of the cubs kept on playing, despite the heat. When the blazing sun was at its highest, it was too hot for him, so he went to sleep.

Suddenly, a little mouse scampered across the sleeping lion cub's paw, tickling him and waking him up. The mouse said, "I'm sorry I woke you." The lion said, "Off you go little one. I won't hurt you." The mouse ran in the other direction. Years passed and the cub grew into the biggest and strongest of all the lions. The lion went into the shade to sleep. One day when the lion headed for his resting spot, he fell into a trap. The next day the mouse came and he freed the lion.

This is a really good book. We liked it because it has a lot of animals in it and we like animals. It is a good book because the mouse helps the lion.

We recommend this book to kids that like animals because it has a lot of animals in it.