1 Into the Sea

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Into the Sea

Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson

Illustrated by Alix Berenzy

Reviewed by Stephen G. (age 8), Eunice K. (age 8) & Alexander T. (age 8)

Into the Sea

Into the Sea is a fantastic book! It is about a sea turtle that travels around the sea. In the beginning a baby sea turtle cracks out of her egg. She goes out into the ocean just before a crab gets her. After a year or two she gets older and she passes a few sea creatures and two fishermen.

We liked this book because it had mysterious, wonderful, great and colorful illustrations. The part we liked best was when she passes by some sea horses and clams. We liked it because it looked absolutely real. While we were reading we felt splendid and happy. Also, we were really interested in the pictures. We also felt a little bit scared in some parts but the others we felt happy for the character.

We recommend this book to anybody who likes sea turtles. Why do you think we recommend this book to you? We recommend this book to people who like sea turtles because it has great pictures of turtles. This turtle has lots of adventures during the book. We think people who love sea creatures should get this book because it will make you read it over and over again. We hope you get this book and splash into the pages of the book!