1 Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

Written by Patricia Larkin

Illustrated by Alan and Lea Daniel

Reviewed by Austin D. (age 7)

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is considered the Genius of the Twentieth Century. He was a curious kid and was very smart. But Albert Einstein's life was not easy. He acted strangely at times. People didn't expect him to do some of the things he did. They didn't expect an older man to stick out his tongue for a picture. But doing the unexpected was what Albert did. Read this book to learn all about Albert Einstein's life.

I liked this book because it is about science and a scientist. Albert Einstein was interested in learning about how things work and I am too. I felt like a scientist when I was reading it. The illustrations are really good they look like real pictures.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy learning about science. Anyone who reads this will learn a lot about a genius from the past.