1 Barn Dance

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Barn Dance

Written by Bill Martin

Illustrated by Ted Rand

Reviewed by Alexander B. (age 7)

Barn Dance

Barn Dance is about a family that lives on a farm. One night everybody was asleep except one skinny kid with questions in his head. He hears a voice and a tune coming from the barn. What magic is about in the night? You have to read to see the excitement that awaits the skinny kid.

I like this book because it is fun. Lots of animal characters are dancing in the barn. I like to dance. The authors use very good description words that sound like singing when read aloud. The pictures go really well with the words. I also like the story because I am like the skinny boy in the story. I have lots of questions in my head.

I recommend this book to young kids who like picture books read aloud. If you like illustrations that help tell the story then you will like this.