1 Baby Whale's Journey

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Baby Whale's Journey

Written by Jonathan London

Illustrated by Jon Van Syle

Reviewed by Brianne M. (age 7)

Baby Whale's Journey

Did you ever swim to Alaska? A mother whale just had a baby whale. And the father cannot stay with the mother when she has a baby. They cannot be together. The father whale went to Alaska by himself because his wife is going to have a baby.

The book, Baby Whale?s Journey, is narrative nonfiction about a baby whale who is having her first journey and is learning the moves of the ocean, like how to get to know the ocean. It?s her first time being in the ocean. She learns how to swim in the ocean and learns there is danger. Her mother taught her that they always have to swim with the group.

I read this book in a regular way because it is a regular story and it tells you some things that whales do. I read the first page to the last page because you can?t skip around. It?s not a chapter book or a nonfiction where you can read anywhere. You can?t start right in the middle because you won?t know what they did in the beginning. The pictures helped me to understand it a lot.

Anyone who is interested in whales should read this book because it is a smooth and calm book. It makes me think about whales. It makes me want to be a whale. It is a very great book to read. Did you ever see a whale? Well I did not see a whale! There are two surprises, but you just have to read this book to know the surprises.