1 Arthur Goes to Camp

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Arthur Goes to Camp

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Jenny K. (age 8), Denisse P. (age 7) & Laura A. (age 7)

Arthur Goes to Camp

"I'm not going!" said Arthur. He didn't want to go to camp because he didn't know many friends. He felt scared and shy. He was as scared as a dog in a thunderstorm. When he got to camp Meadowcroak the girls got a better counselor than the boys. At camp Arthur wrote five letters to his parents about how camp was such a disaster. At camp they played outdoor games, like shooting arrows. Camp Horsewater scared the kids from Camp Meadowcroak everyday. Then it was time for the scavenger hunt. Do you think that Arthur's team will win the scavenger hunt? Do you think that Arthur will make new friends? Do you think Arthur will end up liking camp? Read this exciting book to find out.

We all liked this book because they go to camp and we do too. Denisse liked the end of the story. Jenny liked the part when they played outdoor games. Laura liked the page when they started the scavenger hunt and Arthur tries to run away. We all liked this book because it teaches you a lesson. We liked many characters. Jenny liked Becky, the girl's counselor because she was nice. Denisse liked Becky because she cared about the boys and the girls. Laura likes Arthur because he is funny.

We recommend this book to anyone because there is a lesson that is very good and it is a very important lesson. Look deep into the book and you'll find out what the lesson is.