1 Thank You, Mr. Falker

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Thank You, Mr. Falker

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Peter Y. (age 8) & Madeleine B. (age 8)

Thank You, Mr. Falker

Some one in the class said, "Beh, beh...oy, boy" In first grade during reading Trisha looked at the pages of books and all she saw was wiggling shapes. She felt dumb and sad for a few years. In fifth grade she was in a new school in California. There was a new teacher named Mr. Falker who saw Trisha was sad. One day Mr. Falker asks Trisha to stay after school. Mr. Falker found fun ways to help Trisha. Read the book to find out if she learns to read.

We liked the book because it teaches you a lesson not to make fun of people. This book has some of the same characters that are in other Patricia Polacco books. Our favorite character is a new character because he was kind to Trisha. His name is Mr. Falker.

Our favorite part is the surprise ending. Peter thought that the illustrations were good because they show Trisha's feelings. Madeleine liked the illustrations for the same reasons, but also because it makes it different from other books.

We recommend this book to people who like picture books and Patricia Polacco books. If you like books with good illustrations and illustrations that show the character's feelings you might want to read this book. If you like books with lessons you probably will want to read this story.