1 Arthur's Chicken Pox

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Arthur's Chicken Pox

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Kaelin H. (age 6)

Arthur's Chicken Pox

Arthur goes to school. He felt good at first and then he felt yucky and sick. D.W. saw him and she said that he was faking it. DW said, "Why does Arthur get to eat on the sofa?" Dad said, "Eat your spinach." Then Arthur got the chicken pox. He looked really, really polka-dotty. He did not go to school. A few days later, Arthur felt better and then D.W. got the chicken pox and Arthur started to laugh.

My favorite part was when D.W. wanted to have the chicken pox! DW reminded me of me. I am sometimes picky. I like the colors in the pictures. They are ziggity-zaggity and stripy.

I think two year olds will love this book! My brother has dreams about Arthur and he is two. I recommend this book to people who have the chicken pox.