1 Strawberry Shortcake's Show-and-Tell Surprise

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Strawberry Shortcake's Show-and-Tell Surprise

Written by Megan E. Bryant

Illustrated by Scott Neely

Reviewed by Gaby D. (age 6)

Strawberry Shortcake's Show-and-Tell Surprise

Have you ever brought an egg for show and tell? It was show and tell. Strawberry Shortcake thought she could bring a pencil or a book. After school she found an egg and she brought it for show and tell. Orange Blossom showed a plant. Blueberry Muffin showed a picture. Angel Cake showed a cake. Strawberry Shortcake felt happy.

I like the part when she found the egg because it was still in the nest. Strawberry Shortcake reminds me of my friend because she is cool and cute like Strawberry Shortcake. The pictures are colorful and pretty.

I recommend this book for kids that like pink because Strawberry Shortcake always wears pink. People that need help for show and tell would like this book too. People that wear hats all the time would like this book because the characters wear hats.