1 The Baby BeeBee Bird

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The Baby BeeBee Bird

Written by Diane Redfield Massie

Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Reviewed by Meghna P. (age 5)

The Baby BeeBee Bird

This book is about a bird who didn't sleep at night. He just would say, "Beebee bobbi, beebee bobbi" all the time. The other animals couldn't sleep. In the morning the zoo keeper thought the animals were sick because they all looked bad. When the baby beebee bird was asleep, the lion had an idea and he whispered it to the bear. The bear whispered it to the other animals and they all did what the bear whispered.

I liked the book because the baby beebee bird didn't let the other animals sleep. I thought that was funny. I liked the pictures because they were silly. My favorite part was when the lion said, "QUIET!!!" really loud because it was loud.

I recommend that other kids read this book because they will think it's silly. I think babies would like this book because they will think it's silly when they hear the words.