1 Buzz and the Bubble Planet

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Buzz and the Bubble Planet

Written by Judy Katschke

Illustrated by Judy Katschke

Reviewed by Andrew S. (age 6)

Buzz and the Bubble Planet

This story is about Buzz going in a spaceship to another planet. He got stuck in a bubble planet, and he got trapped in bubbles. Then Andy and Woody found him. Find out what planet has pink bubbles, a boat, and ducks on it when you read this book.

My favorite part was when Buzz got covered in toothpaste. He slipped on the soap and he got toothpaste all over himself. The green army men are my favorite characters because they have guns. I like to play with toy guns. This book reminds me of the movie called "Buzz Lightyear" because it has the same characters like Buzz, Woody, Andy, the green army men, and the dinosaur.

I would recommend this book to everyone that likes Disney. The Disney characters are friends and they always help each other.