1 Shark Trouble

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Shark Trouble

Written by Sam Lloyd

Illustrated by Jack Tickle

Reviewed by Tristan K. (age 6)

Shark Trouble

In this story there are two monkeys named Jess and George. They each live on their own island. They want to get together to have banana milkshakes and coconut cake, but they are blocked by sharks. They each have ideas for how to get to the other island, but they never work. You will have to read this book to find out if they get together. This is a great book. I hope you enjoy it!

My favorite part is when Jess and George shared coconut cake and a banana milkshake. I like it because it makes me feel happy when I share with my friends. My favorite character is Jess, the monkey, because she is smart. I like the pictures because the page is all filled in with color, even over the words.

I would recommend this book to my friends because they all enjoy animals like sharks and monkeys. This book is full of animals!