1 David Gets in Trouble

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David Gets in Trouble

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by David B. (age 6)

David Gets in Trouble

This book is about a boy named David who lies and gets in trouble. David tells lies to his family and his teacher. He even pulls his cat's tail and says, "But she likes it!" David tells his mom, "I love you, Mom!" Read the rest of this story to find out if David learns a lesson from lying.

My favorite part was when David said, "I'm sorry." I liked this because he was really sorry for what he did to his mom. David is my favorite character because he knows how to say, "I'm sorry" just like me sometimes. I liked the pictures because I like the colors, and it looks like a boy drew the pictures.

I would recommend this book to my friends because sometimes they get in trouble too, and they need to say, "I'm sorry."