1 Ruby in her own time

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Ruby in her own time

Written by jonathan emmett

Illustrated by rebecca harry

Reviewed by crosby m (age 8)

Ruby in her own time

This book is about a mother duck and a father duck. They have five eggs and mother duck has to sit upon the eggs through the day and all through the night. She has to sit on them in howling wind and driving rain. One day only 4 eggs hatch. Mother duck and father duck do not notice that they are missing one duckling. So the 4 ducklings go back to the nest where the fifth duckling is sitting. After a while the egg hatches. Father duck and mother duck wonder what they should name her. Mother duck says they should call her Ruby because she is a small and precious as a ruby. When it comes to eating time the eat everything they are given. But Ruby eats nothing. When it comes to swimming Ruby does nothing. But one day something happens to Ruby and everything changes.

I like this book because it shows passions and how you grow and change. I also like this book because it reminds me of me when I was little. I was always smaller than my friends, just like Ruby. This book also has a good lesson. The lesson is that you should take your own time in your own ways.

I recommend this book even if you don't like ducks. It is a picture book with a good lesson.