1 The Rainbow Fish

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The Rainbow Fish

Written by Marcus Pfister

Illustrated by Marcus Pfister

Reviewed by Amanda S. (age 7) & Gabrielle R. (age 8)

The Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish thought and thought, "Should I or should I not give a scale to the other fish?" In the book Rainbow Fish, Rainbow fish is not just an ordinary fish but a fish with glimmering scales. Some of the fish want some of Rainbow Fish's scales but Rainbow Fish screams, "NO!" Then Rainbow Fish goes to the wise octopus and gets his advice. He said, "Give a glimmering scale to each of the other fish. You will no longer be the most beautiful fish in the sea, but you will discover how to be happy." If you want to find out if Rainbow Fish does what the octopus said, then read the book.

We think this book is really good because Rainbow Fish learned a lesson not to scream at other fish. Our favorite part is the surprise ending and what happens with Rainbow Fish. This book reminds Gabrielle of when she got her fish and turned on the light and it looked like her fish was shining. We like Rainbow Fish best of all. We think the illustrations are beautiful because on every page with Rainbow Fish it glitters because of the glimmering scales. In some of the pages, they have sea weed and they look like devil forks.

We recommend this book to people who like fish. If you like Marcus Pfister books then you will love "The Rainbow Fish". If you like books with glimmering things then read this book and then read "Milo and the Magic Stones" by Marcus Pfister. If you enjoy colorful pictures then you will love this book.