1 Dealing With Dragons

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Dealing With Dragons

Written by Patricia Wrede

Reviewed by Ella T (age 9)

Dealing With Dragons

Dealing with Dragons is about Cimorene, a princess who refuses to be proper. Cimorene has a boring life at the castle so she runs away and volunteers to be a princess to a dragon named Kazul. At first Cimorene is scared of her dragon. But soon she has a bond with her dragon that is unbreakable.

Cimorene has no more work than she should have. All she has to do is wash the tables and dishes, sort the treasure, make huge pots of cherry jubilee and annoy princes to get them to go away. But then, here comes the extra work. But it is not given to Cimorene by Kazul, Cimorene makes herself do it. Some wizards are doing strange things like - picking herbs that can kill dragons. Even the head of the wizards is involved!

Cimorene is very sneaky and because of that she soon finds out that the wizards are trying to get to something in the Caves of Fire and Knight. Soon Cimorene gets so suspicious that she goes to a different dragon to tell him what had happened. This dragon would tell the King of the Dragons. But as soon as she got there she found out the King of the Dragons is dead! Oh! And was Cimorene even more suspicious.

Soon Cimorene has two new friends, a stone prince and a neighboring princess. Together they set out on a quest to melt the wizards with a secret concoction and to make sure the new King of the Dragons is the right King of the Dragons.

I loved this book. I liked it because of the humor and also the fantasy. Cimorene, the princess is like me. I don't wear dresses and I sure refuse to be proper and I'm sneaky too. I'm always suspicious and always want to put matters where they belong.

This book is part of a series - All of the books include the word "Dragons". In all the books Cimorene gets some extra work for herself and from herself.

This book reminds me of my normal life because I have some wizard like enemies and I have adventures every day. I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and laughs.