1 Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie

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Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie

Written by Kristiana Gregory

Reviewed by Sydney S (age 10)

Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie

This book is about Hattie Campbell and her small family in Missouri. Her grandfather got stuck under a boat and died. The captain of the boat said he would take the family anywhere they wanted for their grandfather's death. Hattie's father said he wanted to go to Oregon. Hattie's mother was disappointed at first but then made up her mind to go. They sold their house and others things. They also bought lots of food and supplies for their journey. Then the family was off to Oregon. After they got off the boat, they rode by oxen and mules. During their travel, they saw hundreds of others heading toward Oregon, too. Hattie soon met a girl named Pepper and they soon became best friends and shared many adventures together. One day a woman came over to help Hattie's mother. She seemed real kind in the face, but as Hattie saw the woman exit, she saw her slip one of her mother's spoons in her apron pocket! Soon the woman was stealing many things of the other travelers. Will the woman continue stealing people's things? Will the other travelers find out and/or forgive her? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part of the book was when Hattie and Pepper went swimming and they took off all their clothes until they were naked. Their clothes started drifting off to where the men were. That was my favorite part, because the men almost caught them naked, and it was so funny.

I found Pepper most interesting because she is so pretty and unique. She can cheer anyone up in an instant. She is always so happy and in a good mood. She is playful and energetic in any weather, too.

I thought the book was very interesting, although it was a diary; she explained very well what she meant and was talking about. She detailed it as though it was a book. The part when they travel on foot is the most interesting, because of all the experiences the families go through.

This book reminds me of an old friend in second grade. We did many things together just like Pepper and Hattie. We liked to swim and dance and plenty of other things, too.

I would recommend this book to 10 year old kids because, as you read, you have a great image of what the book is telling you. The author describes so much of the character and what is happening in her everyday life. I think a person who likes victory stories would enjoy this book the most. I think this, because there is much victory in this book.