1 Sarah's Unicorn

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Sarah's Unicorn

Written by Bruce and Katherine Coville

Illustrated by J.B. Lippincott

Reviewed by Halen M. (age 9)

Sarah's Unicorn

There was a girl named Sarah. She lived with her aunt named Meg. One day her aunt turned into an evil witch. Her aunt would do horrible things if Sarah did not do what her aunt told her to do. One night Meg ran out of frogs for frog soup. Meg told Sarah to get her some more frogs.

Sarah went into the woods looking for more frogs. She heard a noise, then she came to a clearing. She climbed a tree and a unicorn stepped into the clearing. She climbed down and she started to pet it and it started to talk to Sarah. Soon Sarah began to become friends with the unicorn. Sarah found out the unicorn was magical.

One day mean Meg found out about the magical unicorn. Meg followed Sarah to the clearing. Sarah met the unicorn there. Meg jumped out with a rope and put it around the unicorn's neck. She tied it to a tree. She was about to chop off his horn when all the animals started to tickle her. Meg fell down and the axe went flying. The unicorn got set free.

I liked it when Sarah's friend the ladybug tried to kick and hit Meg. It was funny. Meg didn't even feel it. I like funny characters. I am a funny person too.

I liked the illustrations that show Sarah telling the bunnies her best jokes. They are all laughing. Some of the bunnies are on their backs.

This book is like a book that I have read before, except it was about fairies instead of a unicorn. The fairies were trying to get a witch too.

I would recommend this book because it has good illustrations. It is funny and it is a fairytale book. I think kids in grades K-4 would like this book.