1 Super Bowl

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Super Bowl

Written by Leonard Kessler

Illustrated by Leonard Kessler

Reviewed by Adam W. (age 8), Tiffany N. (age 9) & Adam S. (age 8)

Super Bowl

Duck always shows up late for football practice. She's on the Super Birds team. They are going to play the Animal Champs in the Super Bowl in two weeks. Duck's alarm clock is broken, so she's always late. Every day she forgets to buy a new one. Finally, on the day of the game, she goes to buy a new clock. Duck's late again, but she's in time for the kick-off. We're going to leave the score for you to find out! Duck learned that if she didn't get enough practice, she didn't play well. She fumbled a lot. She decided to get to practice on time next year.

The illustrations are terrific. We like the way Leonard Kessler shows the teams and the players. The picture of Frog jumping and catching the football reminds Adam W. of when he is playing football. When Dog passes the ball to Frog and makes a touchdown, it reminds Adam S. of when his dad passed the ball to him and he made a touchdown. Dog is the player coach, so he makes up all the cool plays. We like Dog when he makes the secret play and throws the ball to Frog in the inzone. They got a touchdown. Frog and Dog are on the Animal Champs team, and that's who we were rooting for.

Kick, Pass, and Run is also by Leonard Kessler. It tells how the animals first discovered the game of football. It's a good book for people who don't know a lot about football, but Adam W. and Adam S. like Super Bowl better. Kids who like fiction about football would like this book. Who wins? You'll have to read this book to find out!