1 The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

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The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

Written by Joanna Cole

Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Reviewed by Eli P. (age 8)

The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

In this book, the main characters are Ms. Frizzle and the kids in her class. Ms. Frizzle is a super wacky teacher who loves science. Her class sometimes calls her the Friz.

This story is about going under the crust of the Earth. It has lots of interesting facts. The class learns lots of facts about fossils, rocks, and how they were formed.

The Friz starts out in a field and suddenly the class is digging through layers of rock. The bus changed into an excavator. They go through caves and learn all about different kinds of rocks.

When I read this book, it made me think I might want to be a cave explorer when I grow up. I hope I will. I like using headlamps. They are very bright.

This story reminds me of going caving with friends at a camp. It was fun. The counselor took a picture of us in the cave. What reminded me most of camp was when the class was finding fossils of seashells.

This book is like other books by the same author because they all have lots of facts and are very interesting. They also seem very fun and magical. I wish I could go inside the Earth.

I would recommend this book for kids who are seven and eight, and maybe even six years old. It would be a good book for people who like science fiction. When I read it, I liked it a lot.