1 Aquamarine

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Written by Alice Hoffman

Reviewed by Courtney B. (age 11)


Aquamarine is a fantasy book. There are two girls who are best friends, but one of the friends, Haley, has to move at the end of the summer. Claire is very sad because Haley is the only friend she has ever had.

There were only three days until Haley had to leave. So, Haley spent the night with Claire at her house. There was a very bad storm. The next, morning Haley and Claire went to go see the damage that happened to the pool. They thought the lights of the pool were still on, but Claire fell in and saw something in the water! She didn't know what it was. She was very curios about what was in the pool. What is the magical event happens next? Find out in Aquamarine!

One thing that is very cool about this book is that all the words are in blue font. I think Alice Hoffman did that becasue blue is the color of the sea and that is a big part of Aquamarine. This book is full of magical events and wondrous clues. My favorite part is when Haley, Claire, and Aquamarine meet one another because they help each other out and become great friends. I really like the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter because it makes you wonder what's going to happen. For example, when I looked at the illustration at the beginning of chapter two there is a picture of a jar on the edge of the pool. I was wondering what the jar was for, and after reading I realized it was to feed the mermaid.

I recommend this book to any girl that likes friendship, creatures, and love. This book is for 3 - 5 grade girls!