1 Arthur's Honey Bear

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Arthur's Honey Bear

Written by Lillian Hoban

Illustrated by Lillian Hoban

Reviewed by Kelsey G. (age 9)

Arthur's Honey Bear

This story is about a teddy bear. Arthur said he is going to have a toy sale. He is going to sell his toys. Arthur took all of his toys outside his house. His sister Violet came over to help Arthur. Arthur and Violet put tags on the toys. Arthur and Violet make arrows that say "toy sale." They put the arrows on the trees. They waited. They ate cupcakes. Violet wants to buy Arthur's bear for 31 cents. They share it in the end.

I liked this book because I liked the way Violet and Arthur share the bear. I like the way Arthur was sad at the beginning of the book and then he got happy. This book made me think about having a toy sale.

Other kids should read this book because this book is about a boy and a girl sharing a toy. They should read this book because this book shows them about friendship.