1 Kids of Einstein Elementary and the Titanic Cat

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Kids of Einstein Elementary and the Titanic Cat

Written by Len Mlodinow

Reviewed by Adam N. (age 8)

Kids of Einstein Elementary and the Titanic Cat

This book is about three kids that don?t know they are on the actual Titanic. Their names are Jose, Kenny, and Steffi. The kids wanted to go back in time to visit a baby dinosaur so they used their time machine. They didn?t realize it but traveled to the wrong time period and wound up on the Titanic, an ocean liner that hit and iceberg and sunk on it?s very first trip! The story got exciting when the kids were able to save a little girl named Emma, her mother, and their cat, Mittens. The kids got them safely in the life boats and then returned in the time machine. I really enjoyed this book because I thought it would be run to travel back in time or go to the future. My favorite part was when Jose figured out the card dealer was cheating and then had to run away! He was my favorite character because he was looking for ice-cream all around the ship and I would do the same thing! He was also very good in math like me! I would recommend this book to kids that like adventures. It was pretty scary and funny at times so it kept my interest!